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Trollour, TrollAklass, Trollbard, Trolladal and Trollhammer are very proud to present their new EP !!
Four years after "Gang Of Trolls" and a lot of drummers, we finally have the dream team.
It's only the beginning, take this EP as a gift before releasing an album in 2015 where we will invest the maximum of ourselves for it to be even bigger!

Meanwhile you can buy our EP on our Official Trollshop (10€ + shipping cost), on Itunes (2,99€) or listen on Spotify.

Game Of Trolls out in auto-production, we wait for a great and big label (maybe in 2015?) and we know that we have our fans to support and promote Aktarum, it's like a family (really, it's a deal, if you're a friend, you're not a meal).

Have a look on this amazing artwork by zero-scarecrow13: