Formed in 2005 by TrollAklass (Guitar) and Trollour (Keyboard/Singer), the band naturally stands out thanks to its unique, strong and funny gigs across Belgium.
They play an efficient, folk "troll” metal, with hints of Black Metal.
After months of preparation and composition, the band finally gets a stable line-up in 2006, with Trollayd (Bass) and Trollent (Drums).
Following the release of their first demo (2007) and the EP "We are the Trolls" (2008), they get back to work on new material.
In 2010, their first album "Gang of Trolls" (14 titles) is unleashed. It has been recorded at the BlackOut Studio in Brussels and mixed and masterized by Jeremy Bézier (Enthroned).
In the fall of 2011, Trollent left the band and after have tried a whole lot of drummer, here he is, the one and only : the Trollhammer!
After a successful tour in Czech Republic at the sides of Nothgard, the band lives one of the highlights of its carreer by playing at the Paganfest in Gieβen (Germany). The band is now back to work on a brand new EP.
In 2014, finaly EP "Game Of Trolls" is released with new line-up! Trollladal (bass) & Trollbard (guitar) enter the hord for eat and drink with the band.
In 2015, Trolladal left the band and Trollaflem becomes new bass player.
After two amazing shows with Finntroll in December 2015, the band stops gigs/festival to creat the next album which will be released in 2017. After Trollaflem, we have (again) a new bassist: Trollointain

Throughout it's existence, Aktarum had the opportunity of playing with bands such as Finntroll, Ensiferum, Skyforger, Manegarm, Heidevolk, Equilibrium, Eluveitie, Heidevolk, Arkona, Moonsorrow, Turias, Korpiklaani, Alestorm,…

TROLLOUR | Scream & Keyboard